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Dott. Federica Battisti

Applied Electronics Section
University of "Roma TRE"
via Vito Volterra, 62
00146 Rome - Italy
Ph.: +39.06.57337356
fax: +39.06.57337026
federica.battisti AT

Personal informations

Federica Battisti received the Laurea (Master of Science) in Electronic Engineering from Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy, in July 2006.

From August 2005 to February 2006 she worked as a Research Assistant at Tampere International Center for Signal Processing (TICSP) in Tampere University of Technology (TUT) located in Tampere, Finland. Her work in TICSP resulted in her master thesis titled “Data hiding techniques in the Fibonacci domain”. During her staying in TICSP, she had been involved in a Human Visual System based image quality assessment project. This work was a part of a bigger research to obtain perceptually reliable objective image quality metrics.

From November 2006 to November 2009, she has been a Ph.D. student in Telecommunication Engineering at Università degli Studi Roma Tre.

During this period, from June to July 2008 she was a visiting researcher in the Groupe Multimedia, in the Département Traitement du Signal et des Images of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris under the supervision of Prof. B. Pesquet‐Popescu.

From May to August 2009 she was a visiting researcher in the Departamento de Teoría de la Señal y las Comunicaciones of the Universidad de Vigo in Spain under the supervision of Prof. P. Comesana Alfaro.

In March 2010 she received the Ph.D. degree with a thesis titled "Multimedia data hiding based on human perception characteristics".

From December 2010 she is non-tenured Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering at Università degli Studi Roma Tre.

Her main research interests are signal and image processing with focus on subjective quality analysis of visual contents. Her research activity started with the design and implementation of watermarking techniques for granting the ownership protection of images. The investigation on this topic led to the study of quality issues related to the watermark invisibility that resulted in the definition of new image quality metrics and in the contribution to the creation of a widely used database for quality metrics benchmark. The interest on image quality was later extended to video and multi-view imaging. Currently, the area of interest is in the light-field imaging both for efficient depth map estimation and for quality assessment


Since 2010 she is lecturer of Laboratorio di Multimedialità - Multimedia Lab course at Università degli Studi Roma Tre and in the academic year 2016/2016 she is lecturer of Elementi di Crittografia - Cryptography basics. She is teaching assistant for the following courses at Università degli Studi Roma Tre:





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