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Digital Signal Processing
Multimedia &
Optical Communications

Applied Electronics Dept.
University of "Roma TRE"
via della Vasca Navale, 84
00146 Rome - Italy

The research of the Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia, and Optical Communications Group is mainly focused on information theory, signal theory, and signal and image processing and their applications to both telecommunications systems and remote sensing. In particular the current activity concerns

  • Multimedia communications,
  • Mobile communications,
  • Optical communications,
  • Telecommunication systems security
  • Satellite positioning sytems & applications
  • E-learning & Mobile-learning
  • 3G networks and services
  • Wireless systems
  • Ground penetrating radar -based localization
  • Signal processing for communications

Details can be found in the Research section of this site as well as on the personal pages of the group members on the People section.

The group also provides academic support to the Engineering faculty for all courses related to Communications and Remote sensing. Details can be found in the Academics section of this site.

  Roma Tre Academia Days, February 27, 2012. Download COMLAB presentation [ENG], [ITA].


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