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Dott. Daria LA ROCCA

Section of Applied Electronics
Dept. of Engineering
University of "Roma TRE"
via Vito Volterra, 62
00146 Rome - Italy
Ph.: +39.06.5733.7064
fax: +39.06.5733.7026
e-mail: daria.larocca AT

Personal informations

She is PhD student in “Biomedical electronics, electromagnetics and telecommunications” (XXVII Cycle), at the  University of Rome “Roma Tre”, with current interests in the field of Neurosciences applied to Biometrics, pattern recognition algorithms, EEG signal processing and brain-computer interface systems.


In 2007 she received the “Diploma de posgrado en Obtención y Procesamiento de Señales e Imágenes Biomédicas” and “Diploma de posgrado en Instrumentación Biomédica” at the “Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya” of Barcelona, Spain.

From March to September 2008 she was trainee in the Neuroeletrical Imaging and Brain Computer Interface Laboratory, IRCCS “FondazioneS.Lucia” in Rome, Italy. In September 2008 she received the Bachelor Degree in Clinical Engineering at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, with a thesis in Neuroscience on brain hyper-connectivity, titled “Estimation of the functional hyper-connectivity from multi-subject EEG recordings during strategic interactions”.

In 2008 she was collaborating at the aforementioned laboratory, the subject of the contribution being the application of high resolution EEG techniques and multivariate models for the brain connectivity estimation in healthy and patient subjects.

In October 2011 she received the Master Degree cum laude in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, with a thesis titled “Detection of the P300 evoked potential in the context of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) ".

In July 2012 she received the prize for the best degree theses on Disability awarded by the University of Rome “Sapienza”..

From November 2013 to September 2014 she was visiting Ph.D. student at Laboratoire de Recherche in Informatique (TAO, CNRS-INRIA-LRI, University of Paris Sud, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France).




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