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Prof. Alessandro NERI

Applied Electronics Dept.
University of "Roma TRE"
via della Vasca Navale, 84
00146 Rome - Italy
Ph.: +39.06.57337017
fax: +39.06.57337026

Personal informations

Alessandro Neri is full professor in Telecommunications. He was born in Viterbo in 1954. In 1977 he received the Doctoral Degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
In 1978 he joined the Research and Development Department of Contraves Italiana S.p.A. where he gained a specific expertise in the field of radar signal processing and in applied detection and estimation theory, becoming the chief of the advanced systems group.
In 1987 he joined the INFOCOM Department of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" as Associate Professor in Signal and Information Theory at the Engineering Faculty. In November 1992 he joined the Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Roma TRE as Associate Professor in Electrical Communications, and became full professor in Telecommunications in semptember 2001. He is currently teaching Digital Communications, Information Theory, and Mobile Telecommunication Systems (Laurea Magistralis on Communication and Information Technologies), at the Engineering Faculty of Roma TRE.
Prof. Neri is also member o the board of the Engineering Doctoral School of the University of Rma TRE.
Since 2004 he is also teaching at the Scuola Superiore di Specializzazione in Telecomunicazioni of the Ministry of Telecommunications.
From 2006 to 2008 he was Professor, by courtesy, of Economics and Management of Communication Technologies”, at the Business School of the LUISS University, Rome (Laurea Magistralis curriculum).
Since 2008 he is Professor, by courtesy, of Economics and Management of Communication Technologies”, of the Master in Business Administration at the Business School of the LUISS University, Rome .

Since 1992 he is responsible for coordination and management of research and teaching activities in the Telecommunication fields at the University of Roma TRE, currently leading the Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia & Optical Communications at the Applied Electronics Department.
His research activity has mainly been focused on information theory, signal theory, and signal and image processing and their applications to both telecommunications systems and remote sensing. Among them we cite
• multimedia communications and multimedia technologies
• mobile communication systems,
• telematics
• mobile-internet (GPRS, UMTS, WLAN e WIMAX)
• communication security and biometric systems
These activities are carried out under tight cooperation with national and international ICT companies and international research centers. In the above mentioned research projects he mainly contributed to the formulation of new techniques and methodologies in the field of the estimation and detection theory (Bayesian approach) on a strictly rigorous mathematical framework. He is author of about 230 publications.
He is also participating to educational EU programs in the Socrates framework.
He is currently the local coordinator of the MIUR FIRB 2005-2008 research on "Personalization and adaptation of didactic message and learning strategies for e-learning applications in economics". He has been the scientific coordinator of the applied research project, cofounded by MIUR, entitled “Three Dimensional Multi-Band System for Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System in Airport areas based on stereoscopic techniques” under realization by SOGAER, the Cagliari airport services management company.
Prof. Neri is currently the scientific coordinator of the research acitivies carried out by CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications), in the framework of the GAPACOM applied research project, cofounded by MIUR, and under realization by Thales Alenia Space whose objective is the design of a communication payload for the European Navigation system GALILEO.

Professor Neri is also the coordinator of the joint research program on “Biometric technologies and Biometric data security” of the University of ROMA TRE and ISCOM - Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle Tecnologie dell’Informazione (National Institute on Communication and Information technologies), part of the Italian Ministry od Communications.

Since 1998 he is also responsible for planning and design activities related to ROMA TRE integrated campus telecommunication system and services. Among the projects related to this area, we cite:
• the wireless local loop at 26 Ghz serving the ROMA TRE campus
• the high capacity optical fiber backbone
• the mobile private virtual network of ROMA TRE,
• the ROMA TRE WLAN for wireless access to multimedia services
• the security architecture of the telecommunication infrastructure at ROMA TRE
• the student voice portal,
• the ROMA TRE telematic services

Professor Neri is member of the working group of the IEEE Educational Activities Board for global accreditation activities on Biometrics.

Prof. Neri is member of the scientifc Committee on ANSSAIF (Associazione Nazionale Specialisti Sicurezza in Aziende di Intermediazione Finanziaria), an Italian Society of experts on security of financial and banking systems.

Prof. Neri has been a member of the Managing Committee of CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications), a non-profit Consortium currently linking 33 Italian Universities, whose main purpose is to foster research activity and provide networking support to specific projects in the area of telecommunications.

Since december 2008, prof. Neri is the Presidente of the RadioLabs Consortium (Consorzio Università Industria – Laboratori di Radiocomunicazioni), a non-profit Consortium created in 2001 to promote tight cooperation on applied research programs between universities and industries, and currently linking the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, the University of Roma Tre, The University of Aquila, Selex Communications S.p.A., and Telespazio S.p.A..




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