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Ing. Anna Maria Vegni


Room 3.24, Department of Engineering
Roma Tre University
Via Vito Volterra, 62 - Corpo B
00146 Rome - Italy
Ph.: +39.06.57337357
Fax: +39.06.57337026
(fax.elettronicaapplicata AT
annamaria.vegni AT, a.v.vegni

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  • "ISITEP, Inter System Interoperability for Tetra-tEtraPol networks, funded under the Seventh Framework Programme. ISITEP aims at developing the procedures, technology and legal agreements to achieve a cost effective global solution for Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) networks interoperability.
  • "D-BOX, Demining tool-BOX for humanitarian clearing of large scale area from anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions" - FP 7 security 2011. D-BOX intends to address the issue of the clearance of anti-personnel land mines and cluster munitions through innovative easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions, contained in a comprehensive toolbox.
  • "3inSat", Train Integrated Safety Satellite System - ESA IAP project, aiming at developing and validating a new satellite-based platform to be integrated into a SIL4 Train Control and Management System.
  • "GAPACOM" (Galileo Advanced Payloads network Addressing COmmunication Mission) applied research project, cofounded by MIUR, and under realization by Thales Alenia Space. Design of a communication payload for the European Navigation system GALILEO, from September 2012 to May 2013. Lectures on Satellite Navigation and Mobility Management.
  • "Smart Lighting", selected proposal for oral presentation at "GTTI for the Future - Multinational Enterprises meet Young Italian ICT Researchers", May 8, 2012, CONFINDUSTRIA FIRENZE, Florence, Italy. [Presentation]
  • "DAHMS: Distributed Architecture Home Modular Multifunctional Systems", project funded by the Italian Ministery of Economic Development in the field of "New Technologies for the Made in Italy".
  • "Free-Space-Optical Visible-Spectrum Communications (Visible Light Communications)", scientific-technical cooperation with Boston University. This project investigates the adaptation of novel LED-based materials and devices for the support of visible-light-based communication and communications networking. More details on the larger scope of this effort are found at NSF Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center.
  • "GEOSENSE", applied research project. Design of an integrated platform with a network of sensors installed on board of vehicles for the seismic observation, dedicated to the elaboration of maps of ground motions for events of medium intensity earthquakes, June - December 2011.
  • "SAFEDEM" (Space Assets For Enhanced DEMining), applied research project ESA AO 1-6392, January 2011 to June 2012.
  • "CALIPSO" (CommunicAtion using LockSat for IP Satellite Operations) Telespazio Innovation Award Winner 2010, December 2010.
  • "LOCKSAT B" (LOCal Key Synchronization and generation for data security in sATellite communications), applied research project. Design of a LockSat-based prototype for IP sub-systems and wireless sensor networks applications. April 2010 to December 2011.
  • "TiLab Seamless (mobile-home, mobile-office)", scientific-technical cooperation between Telecom Italia and the three Roman universities (“Sapienza”, “Tor Vergata”, “Roma Tre”), September 2006 - March 2008.





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